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Studio B - Maine's Hip-Hop and Breakin' Dance Studio

Meet Our Staff

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Buffie,Nonstop, and Trix!


Buffie - Studio Owner/Choreographer/Dancer
     Buffie has been teaching dance since the age of 14 in both Maine and New York and has been dancing Hip-Hop for over 15 yrs.
     She has belonged in over 5 dance companies and has performed at hundreds of entertainment venues.
       Buffie just moved back to Maine from New York to open up an all Hip-Hop dance studio. Her goal is to help Maine's Hip-Hop community to grow culturally and to give people of all ages a positive outlet for creativity. 
    She continues to study and teach in New York City and is currently a member of
Triiiplethreat Ent. Agency out of Boston.


Nonstop - Studio B's B-boy!
        Nonstop moved here in Oct. 2004 to teach at Studio B.
He is a part of a Breakin' Crew called
'The Funk Junkies'.
            He's been dancing since the age of 5 and competing since age 15. Nonstop has performed in many different venues and clubs and has been teaching others to breakdance for over 5 years.
          Nonstop's vision is to see many many many B-Boys in Maine by 2006, he will teach them all if that's what it will take to make that happen!!!    
      He welcomes everyone who wants to learn and he believes that if you have a gift -
    you should share it !!!


TRIX - Studio B's B-boy
Trix moved here in Dec. 2004 to teach at Studio B. He's also a member of 'The Funk Junkies'.
He has been teaching for over 5 yrs. in both Philadelphia and N.Y.C.
He has performed in many different clubs and venues.
Trix has a very unique style- he does everything Hip-Hop from House to Poppin'
to Breakin' and everything in between.
Trix is here to shake things up in Maine! His goal is to teach people about the history and complete culture of Hip-Hop and all of it's elements. 

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