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Studio B - Maine's Hip-Hop and Breakin' Dance Studio

Meet Our Staff

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Buffie, Trix


Buffie - Dancer/Choreographer/teacher
   Buffie moved to Maine in oct.2004 to fulfill a dream. That dream is to bring culture and education in the hip hop form to Maine. She has been teaching since the age of 13 and has been dancing Hip Hop for over 15 yrs. She has belonged in over 5 dance companies and has performed at hundreds of entertainment venues throughout New  England.
Buffie teaches Hip Hop infused with various styles and flavours. She would like to help Maine's dancers and Hip Hop artists to come together and progress in the Hip Hop industry. Her goal is to supply a positive outlet for anyone who needs it so that they can achieve their dreams.



WILL TRIX - Studio B's B-boy
Trix moved to Maine from NYC in Dec. 2004,  to bring a dream a alive that he shared with buffie. That dream is to bring more culture and positivity into Maine and to educate people of all ages about hip hop's history and all its elements. Trix teaches breakdancing and B-style. B-style is a form of dance that combines hip hop with house and street dancing.
This style of dance allows the person to find his or her own love for the music. His goal is to give all people in his classes an equal chance to be amazing and find the the love for the music and culture.